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Santa Barbara Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Attorney

Harvey R. Wolf has worked in the real estate law and practice areas associated with real property ownership for over 35 years. He serves real estate investors, homeowners, buyers, sellers, brokers, landlords, and tenants throughout the tri-counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura in the following practice areas:

  • Real Estate Transactions - Residential and commercial transactions including purchases, sales, lease agreements, and 1031 exchanges
  • Real Estate Disputes - Boundary, easement, and title disputes; collections; failure to disclose and fraud; purchase and sale disputes; insurance claims; mortgage and pre-payment penalty disputes; and partition actions
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes - Review and prepare lease agreements; eviction proceedings (unlawful detainer actions); and litigation involving enforcement of leases

We offer extensive knowledge of the legal, commercial, and technical concerns facing residential and commercial real estate clients. Whether we are handling a routine transaction or complex litigation, our goal is to protect your legal and financial interests with well-founded legal advice built on practical experience.

Real Estate Transactions Attorney

We help residential and commercial real estate clients develop and execute effective real estate agreements. We help in purchases and sales of residential and commercial real estate and provide well-grounded legal guidance for clients who are interested in the benefits of investment property. We handle all types of transactions:

  • Real Estate Purchase Agreements - Review and prepare contracts for buyers, sellers, brokers, and investors
  • Lease Agreements - Review and prepare leasing agreements for owners and leases for commercial, industrial, mall and residential properties
  • 1031 Exchanges - Like kind property exchanges to defer capital gains taxes
  • Option Agreements - Effective agreements to tie-up property while determining if purchase is feasible
  • Property Tax Assessments - Advice as to regulations to minimize property taxes

Real Estate Disputes

We are skilled at obtaining effective settlements and swift dispute resolutions for clients throughout the real estate industry. We represent homeowners, investors, brokers, landlords and tenants in a wide range of real estate disputes. We advocate for clients in matters involving breach of contract, insurance coverage, boundary and easement disputes, and real estate fraud. We handle residential and commercial real estate disputes involving:

  • Breach of Contract - Involving purchase and sale agreements, property management, and partition actions
  • Lease Disputes - Landlord/tenant disputes involving leasing agreements for residential and commercial properties
  • Easement and Boundary Disputes - Encroachments by private property owners
  • Fraudulent Transactions - Litigation involving failure to disclose material facts in the purchase of residential and commercial property and the intentional misrepresentation of the condition of residential and commercial property
  • Collections - Collection of secured and unsecured Promissory Notes
  • Insurance Claims - Litigation involving denial of insurance claims and insurance loss appraisals©2017BjørnAnkre--15.jpg