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Santa Barbara Foreclosures


We are skilled in assisting homeowners facing a pending foreclosure as well as representing the interests of investors looking to purchase properties in foreclosure.

Primary residence foreclosures

  • For individuals facing a pending foreclosure, we work with lenders to develop payment strategies that can save both sides from the costly process of foreclosure. We offer legal assistance in the following areas:
  • Negotiations to extend the payback period
  • Working out forbearance agreements to reduce or postpone payments
  • Developing short sale workouts

Foreclosure Investment Guidance

We are available to assist investors in the purchase of foreclosure properties to minimize the risk involved. We analyze the title, and liens and encumbrances to determine potential equity in the property. We also advise investors on the statutory requirements that must be followed to purchase properties in foreclosure.©2017BjørnAnkre--29.jpg