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Construction Attorney

Construction projects are complex involving countless details, contracts, and laws. Contractors and their customers rely on effective construction contracts to set forth the groundwork for an effective business relationship. Our office prepares construction contracts for owners, builders, subcontractors, and material suppliers. We help clients with construction disputes pertaining to cost overruns, unauthorized change orders, defective construction, negligence of architects and engineers, and collections.

Construction Transactions

  • Construction contracts - We represent all parties in the review, negotiation, and preparation of construction agreements for owners, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers
  • Mechanic’s Liens - We assist contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers in pursuing mechanic’s liens
  • Stop Notices - We assist in obtaining a lien against the construction funds on private and public projects
  • Payment and Performance Bonds - We assist in the enforcement of bonds on private and public projects

Construction Litigation

  • Collections - On behalf of contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers
  • Breach of Contract - Disputes between the owner, general contractor, subcontractor, and material supplier
  • Negligence - Defects created by the negligence of architects and engineers
  • Construction Defects - Including all phases of the construction project©2017Bjø